Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to MTG Press It! / Tools / Scrape?

Scraping other websites proved to be a difficult feature. Websites frequently change designs and it's hard to keep up. Please copy-and-paste your decklists from websites through the decklist interface on the home page.

Can I integrate my website with MTG Press?

Let us know what you have in mind, and we can discuss!

When will the latest set be available to proxy?

MTG Press uses the excellent Scryfall API as its card info source. New sets will be available as Scryfall updates their database.

Why is a card missing?

If a card is missing on MTG Press but is available on Scryfall, let us know.

Can I get proxies in other languages besides English?

We used to offer proxies in languages than English as beta functionality, but the database source we use now only provides limited card images in other languages, so we've ended multi-language support for now.

Can I test out a low-ink card with the scale feature?

Absolutely! Use:
1 Test

Can I print the back of a Magic card?

Yep! Try:
4 Back

Can I proxy tokens?

Sure! Not all tokens are available, but you can use the following:
1 Cat
1 Cat Token

Can I proxy emblems?

Sure! Not all emblems are available, but you can use the following:
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant Emblem