Frequently Asked Questions

When will [newest set] be available to proxy?

MTG Press uses the excellent as its image source. Whenever they update their card database, we get the latest sets.

How do I get the back side of a double-faced card?

Automatically including the back face of a double-faced card is on our todo list, but for now just enter the name of the back side of the card.

For example, for the backside of Archangel Avacyn, enter:
Avacyn, the Purifier

How do I change the card art/set for a single card?

Right now if you change the set for a card, it changes the set for every card that was on that decklist's "line". But let's say you have four Brainstorms in your deck and you want a different art for each. Rather than submitting a deck list with:
4 Brainstorm
Put each one on a separate line like so:
1 Brainstorm
1 Brainstorm
1 Brainstorm
1 Brainstorm
Then you can change them independently. We'll eventually modify the website to make this easier, but for now that's the workaround.

How can I print my proxies to PDF?

You might want to bring your proxies into a print shop rather than printing them at home. If you're using a Mac, click Print as usual and click the link for "Open PDF in Preview", then save the PDF to a flash drive or whatever.

If you're on Windows, install the CutePDF Writer printer driver, then Print to that driver.

Can I print the Magic: Star Wars set here?

Right now we only include content found on But if you have a link to a page has that both high quality images AND the names of the cards next to each image for a non-Wizards set, let us know and we'll see if it's possible.

I run a netdecking website, how do I include a link to proxy a deck?

If your website already has the capability to download a decklist to a text file, you're halfway there. Simply include the full URL of that text file as a parameter in our website link, like so:

That's it! This skips the copy/paste step for the user. The text file format should have each line in the "X cardname" format like the rest of this website uses. If you have another format, let us know and we can probably work something out.

How can I show the back of a Magic card?

Simply put "back" (without the quotes) in your decklist, like:
4 inferno titan
4 rafiq of the many
8 back
You may have to adjust your print margins to use both sides of a page and have the fronts and backs line up correctly.